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Cocreating with Energy

A Vancouver-based visual artist creating colourful original abstract paintings 

An abstract painting has the ability to be so intimate that it can simultaneously take you deep inside yourself and so far out of yourself into the cosmic wonder that you are left, both breathless and breathing in, the beauty of creation.

Happiness in a Day.jpg
Deep Breathing2.jpg

Commissioned Work

Enquire today about having personalized abstract artwork done. Abstract painting is one where the artist defines the perimeters and it is these perimeters that I am always reaching to expand; mind, body and soul. 

Words from Our Friends

“How I feel looking at it is a happy kind of homecoming feeling. Like looking at a portrait of part of you/me or your relationship with self/other. Like if I was a fabric print this is me. It's a best case scenario for feeling good, for liking myself. It feels comfortable, and loving.
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