At the moment I am looking for a suitable place to hold dream workshops, a place that is quiet and comfortable and hopefully not to expensive so that I don’t have to charge a lot for a workshop. If anyone knows of such a place in Vancouver, please let me know.


In the mean time here are some links to other dream related websites:



Robert Moss


Michael Meade


more to come


Dream Work

Active dreaming is based on the understanding that we don’t need to go to sleep in order to dream.


Dream work is a way of walking and talking our dreams bringing new energy and guidance from the dream world into everyday life. In a safe space we can share dreams of night and dreams of life with others, receive helpful feedback and encourage each other to move towards creative and healing action.


Dreams are a way for the subconscious to rise up and demand attention. Our dreams are useful and supportive allies that if we let them, will guide us through life and direct us to our souls path.

Dreams are a way to connect with spirit – our spirit animals, spirit guides and spirit of place, things and people. When we are able to recognize these gifts of connection our dreams offer, we become conscious of the world beyond the world, the nature of energy and we are able to tap into our authentic selves. Dream work provides a safe place to share, explore, travel and journey into ourselves and to other worlds, dimensions and times.


As active dreamers we will enter consciously and intentionally into the Dreamscape for healing, adventure, creative problem solving, finding and traveling with our spirit guides and higher selves. In these workshops we will explore techniques such as Dream Reentry to explore the many layers a dream holds and Lightning Dream work where we share our dreams, and receive non-intrusive feedback.

Remember, It is only you who can interpret your dreams