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bg_39471398451421.jpgEmbedded Rock, Acrylic on Canvas, 30" X 24"


This painting, Embedded Rock, was inspired by a small rock embedded in sandstone at the Provincial Dinosaur Park, Alberta, Canada. When I paint images from this incredible landscape, its not only the amazing formations and exposed layers of history that inspire me but the personal connection that I have to this particular part of the world.  My grandfather was the first park ranger when it was officially designated a provincial park. I spent I lot of time there as a child wandering around the surreal landscape. Now when I return I have the memories both visual, in my minds eye, and visceral, a body memory. My grandparent ashes are scattered there and this makes for yet another layer that merge and informs my approach to the badland paintings. I don’t always need to have such a personal connection for my inspirations, but I do need a connection. This convergence, for me, is a combination of the magic and wild part of life, a feel of a place, person or object and spirit. Much of the impetus behind my abstract paintings comes from this converging of energies.


This is an image from the Dinosour Park



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